No Gi and Wrestling - Triangle Jiu Jitsu | Durham, North Carolina

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No Gi and Wrestling

No Gi is generally geared towards people who have already taken a few foundations classes or who have come from another martial art. If you come to this class regularly, you're guaranteed to hone in on a technique over the course of several months and see a progression in your ability to use the technique in live roles. You're also guaranteed to get hard roles at the end of class, if you want them.

Starting in December 2020, for the next few months, the Tuesday/Thursday No Gi class is focusing on a progression of wrestling techniques. If you have wrestling shoes, you're encouraged to wear them in class!

On Mondays at 7pm, starting December 2020, there is a specific wrestling class where we are focused on wrestling takedowns. Please wear a Gi top to the wrestling class, and wrestling shoes if you have them!